Understanding European Decimal Style Sports Betting Odds


Many European bookmakers and online sportsbooks from that region prefer to use the traditional ‘decimal’ style of sports betting odds. It is easy enough to distinguish from any other type of odds out there, mostly due to the fact that it includes two decimal places.

On the whole, decimal style odds are probably the easiest style of odds to understand as it is a direct reflection of your payout. To figure out the payout for decimal odds all you need to do is multiply the odds by the amount that you’re betting and you’ll arrive at the value of your payout.

For example if a game is listed as “Team A (2.35) vs. Team B (1.65)” then you should immediately be able to tell that Team A is favored to win. To find out the payout, let’s assume you’re placing a $10 bet – in which case if you bet on Team A the payout would be $23.50, whereas if you bet on Team B the payout would be $16.50.

It is important to remember when dealing with decimal style sports betting odds that the payouts include the initial bet. In other words based on that example above if you bet on Team A with a payout of $23.50 your profit would be $13.50 (minus the initial bet), whereas if you bet on Team B with a payout of $16.50 your profit would be $6.50.

Sometimes you may run into odds that are expressed in two decimal places but are not really ‘decimal odds’ – but rather Indonesian odds. The difference is these odds will also use positive and negative symbols and are typically found in some Asian betting sites such as Maxbet Malaysia.

All in all however, decimal odds are very straightforward which is why many bettors who are used to decimal odds find it difficult to understand the more complicated nature of other odds. Although American style sports betting odds are more popular, many of the bigger bookmakers nowadays will allow you to switch between different types of odds – and decimal odds tend to always be an option.

Now that you understand decimal odds it should be easy enough to know at a glance which the favored team is and how big the payout will be. Just remember to keep an eye out for similar-looking odds on Sunbet Malaysia that may not be decimal odds at all.