The Latest Trends in Gaming


The gaming industry has exploded into the world of smartphones and tablets, bringing everyone’s favourite online games to their fingertips. The game developers are racing to keep the millions entertained, with newer, faster versions of the old favourites, plus some interesting new additions.

New arrivals

Pokemon Go has been unleashed on the public, and with more than 40 million downloads in just under one month, is the new gaming sensation. The game uses the GPS and the device’s camera to allow the player to create characters that seem to be in the same world as the player. Characters like Venusaur, Blastoise, and other Pokémon have been discovered on Earth, and the player has the chance to discover and capture them. If you take a walk around your neighbourhood, and if there happens to be a Pokémon around, your smartphone will vibrate, alerting you to its presence. The player then throws a pocké ball and tries to hit the Pokémon, but they are not so easy to capture. There are types of Pokémon that look for their native habitat, which might be water, and they can be found in museums and art galleries.

Holographic computing

HoloLens is Microsoft’s entry into the holographic computing world, with a fully self-contained computer in a headset, enabling the user to interact with a holographic world. This is where the future of gaming lies, and the benefits are huge, not just for gaming, but for industry too. The ability to interact with your virtual environment brings a whole new level to gaming, and expect to see these devices more and more within the next year. The gaming developers are already hard at work, trying to create the perfect virtual world, and with the computing hardware becoming smaller and more powerful, there is no limit to what can be achieved with virtual reality.

Pokemon Go

Online bingo

There are many operators, and the biggest is Sun Bingo, which offers the player a range of bingo games, and it is free to sign up. British people have always had a soft spot for bingo, but today we don’t have to wait until Sunday to go the local bingo hall and play, with 24/7 online games, a player can log in and play whenever they fancy.

Online gambling

This sector has seen a huge increase in revenue in the past few years, thanks to software development and faster bandwidths, offering the player a chance to become an instant millionaire. In 2008, the worldwide revenue of online gambling was over $20 billion, and the figure is steadily rising. The development of smartphones and tablet devices has enabled people to log in and gamble whenever they wish, and with the chance to win huge rollover jackpots, everyone is chasing that dream retirement somewhere exotic.

Gaming is heading for a virtual world where software developers can create stunning environments, taking the player into a new and exciting dimension.